We Never Lower Our Standards

We use high quality, in-season green coffee sourced meticulously from around the world by our roaster team. We then carefully roast the beans in-house into a selection of Oriole Coffee’s seasonal blends and single origins, with regular coffee cupping sessions for amazing coffee. We believe that good coffee comes from good people and we consistently work closely with smallholder farmer communities, forming close relationships that help improve the quality of coffee they produce, and that we receive.

OC- Raven

OC- Hummingbird

OC-Mexico Leyva



OC-Euthopia Biftu


Coffee Beans


As a roastery, we never forget that a good cup of coffee has its roots grounded in well-sourced quality beans. Our team commits to selecting the most suitable, high quality beans for the best coffee made.

Coffee Beans Roasting


Our aim is not to influence the coffee’s taste, but to unlock a coffee’s best potential. We are powered by roasting intelligence, quality control, honest feedback from baristas and discerning customers for consistency and innovation.

Coffee Cupping


Naturally sweet coffee is our end goal. Besides weekly cupping sessions at the roastery, our roasters and baristas stay humble and never hesitate to question and hold further cupping sessions.

Keen on retail and wholesale beans? Contact us at sales@oriole.com.sg!