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1.2.3. Embark on a coffee experience and discover the true side of Oriole. Featuring our signature cold brews – Taisho Black, Taisho White &..

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Celebrate the mid-week with some shots! You surely won’t get drunk. #OrioleCoffee #ExploreFlavours #OrioleCoffee #Coffee #OfficeDelivery #SgCafehopping..

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Say no blues to Monday with a hearty breakfast at work! From Roasted Chicken & Avocado to Classic BLT, pick your favourites and have it delivered..

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What’s your plan this weekend? : @so.gelly

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Oriole signature drinks – Taisho Black, Taisho White & M.A.D.milk, which do you prefer? Have all in one flight and experience the 3-taste cold..

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